Enrollment Service

Fulfill enrollment transactions directly with carriers and monitor through dashboard and APIs

Use cases
  • Submit a member specific enrollment change request and receive updates throughout the process until it is completed
  • Receive alerts when broker system and carrier system fall out of sync
  • Prior to submitting to carrier, be confident that the carrier and group specific rules are being met to reduce processing delay
  • Simple implementation when broker brings a new client onto the platform, because data can be pulled directly from carrier rather than collected manually from client

Forms Service

Instantly generate completed employee application forms through simple API calls

Use cases
  • Generate completed applications to submit directly to carrier
  • Render completed applications to display or deliver to users
  • Query for form specific legal language to show users before e-consent

Underwriting Service

Query federal, state, and carrier specific business logic and underwriting rules

Use cases
  • Build a dynamic front-end enrollment experience that asks the users only the questions required to complete their specific transaction, leading to a better client experience and less friction in the enrollment flow
  • Ensure front-end is displaying the proper options to the client based on the carrier’s specific rules
  • Assist broker enrollment team in meeting carrier deadlines
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