Our Mission

Noyo’s mission is to make healthcare easy to access and easy to understand, empowering people with the tools and knowledge they need to make the best choice for their own care.

We envision a health insurance system that is transparent, accurate, and trustworthy. One that is constantly innovating for the benefit of its consumers while also reducing bloated costs. One where faster, more reliable communication between health insurance companies, brokers, and employers ultimately leads to a less stressful experience for consumers.

Noyo's centralized hub of carefully crafted APIs serve as the building blocks for modern insurance distribution.

Our Team

Noyo is a team of engineers, designers, and industry experts driven by the belief that everyone deserves modern-day access to healthcare. We are tackling one of the hardest challenges in healthcare by creating a digital infrastructure to pave the way for a more reliable, efficient, and transparent health insurance system.

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Our Partners

We are backed by some of the world’s most notable investors.

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If you believe in creating a simpler, more transparent health insurance industry, we want to meet you. Noyo is building a network of brokers, technologists, carriers, and partners who will shape the future of health insurance.

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